Backtest Bot Report

bot 'bot 1 (copy)' - Created on 2022-05-22 20:05:26 UTC

- Bot finished successfully!

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Graph Depicting Change in Wallet Balance (BUSD) vs. Trades Completed.

Graph Depicting Change in Wallet Balance (BUSD) as a Function of Time.

Strategy Analysis
Understand how each of your entry strategies performed. Which were vital to the success of your backtest, and which proved to be a liability.
Strat. WR. ROI. Freq.

Volume of Coins Traded
Discover which coins were traded, and how often they were traded during this backtest. Click on the coin name in the legend to remove it from the visually pie chart.

Trade log
Find a complete trade log for the duration of this backtest below. Feel free to download a .csv copy for further analysis using the CSV button below.